lundi 4 mai 2015

Escriba lo que se le pase por la cabeza

Leo Limonov en español. El relato fluye como se debe. Me acuerdo de una entrevista a Carrère donde cuenta que sigue el consejo de Ludwig Börne: 

«For three successive days, force yourself to write, without denaturalizing or hypocrisy, everything that crosses your mind. Write what you think of yourself, your wives, Goethe, the Turkish war, the Last Judgment, your superiors, and you will be stupefied to see how many new thoughts have poured forth. That is what constitutes the art of becoming an original writer in three days.

I continue to find this excellent advice. Today still, when I’m not working on anything, I’ll take a notebook, and for a few hours a day I’ll just write whatever comes, about my life, my wife, the elections, trying not to censor myself. That’s the real problem obviously—“without denaturalizing or hypocrisy.” Without being afraid of what is shameful or what you consider uninteresting, not worthy of being written. It’s the same principle behind psychoanalysis. It’s just as hard to do and just as worth it, in my opinion. Everything you think is worth writing. Not necessarily worth keeping, but worth writing. And fundamentally, that’s what a large part of literature attempts to do—reproduce the flow of thought. Well at least the literature I love the most—Montaigne, Sterne, Diderot...».


La socialdemocracia, dice Owen Jones, «asumió los presupuestos del thatcherismo, igual que los Gobiernos conservadores de los años cincuenta aceptaron los del laborismo de posguerra». Si la historia es esa trenza bien trenzada, es el turno de los conservadores de plegarse a algunas iniciativas socialdemócratas. No sé por qué tardan tanto.

Tiene un buen repertorio de formulaciones, Jones: La gente pobre trabaja, dice también. Se levanta por la mañana para ganarse su pobreza.

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